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토익 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 RC문제
The electronics firm has already _______ to gain the public’s attention with a striking advertisement of its new phone.
(A) managed
(B) manage
(C) management
(D) manages
오늘의 실전 LC문제
Do you know where we buy our office supplies?
(A) Yes, there’re some in the supply closet.
(B) From the shop on Seventh Street.
(C) We try to buy in bulk.
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[토익] 토익적중 예상특강

[토익] 토익 리딩 무료강의
토익 자유게시판
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영어·영어회화 무료학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 AP뉴스 받아쓰기
AI 위험성, 성명 발표

급속도로 발전하고 있는 인공지능(artificial intelligence)의 위험성에 대해 과학자들과 IT 기업 경영자들이 경고하고 나섰습니다. 이들이 발표한 성명서에는 AI로 인한 인류 멸종의 위험성을 낮추는 것이 가장 우선순위여야 한다는 내용이 포함되어 있는데요. 대화형 AI인 챗GPT 창시자인 샘 알트만(Sam Altman) 역시 성명에 서명했습니다. 앞서 알트만은 AI의 잠재적 위험을 통제하기 위해 국제기구가 필요하다는 주장 역시 제기한 바 있습니다. 

오늘의 영어회화 학습
가장 가까운 은행이 어디 있나요?
Where is the nearest bank?
오늘의 한 줄 명언
There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
오늘의 영자신문 읽기
Designing the Future

Urban planning deals with the strategic planning of the physical arrangement and condition of a community with considerations on the development and use of land, developmental approval, protection and use of the environment, public welfare, and the design of the urban environment. In simpler terms, urban planning ensures that condominiums, subdivisions, shopping malls, theme parks, and other infrastructure are not built irresponsibly. There are numerous cities or communities that have been planned from the beginning. Conflicts involving land use are uncommon in these planned spaces. Examples of planned cities include some of the world’s capital cities such as Canberra, New Delhi, Islamabad, Ankara, and Washington. Urban planning can be challenging for urban planners when they are pressed by the need to keep up with the rapid growth of cities and at the same time, the need to create thorough and well-examined development programs. Many urban planners are often challenged by the need to determine the qualities of society that should be valued the most and the people whose interests should be prioritized. Many factors shed light on what is to be the future of urban planning. One is the growth of the human population. Most cities face the overwhelming responsibility of accommodating and giving a high quality of life to people from other cities or countries. It is the duty of urban planners to ensure that facilities are up to the task as populations in cities get denser. Another factor is climate change. The extreme weather patterns that many regions in the world experience today pose great risks to many cities, huge or small. For one, urban planning has a huge role in building cities that would be resilient to calamities. There is a great need for improvement of infrastructures in cities frequently hit by natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, flood, etc. Efforts in combating climate change also drive the future of urban planning. These days, there is a growing emphasis on alternative transportation especially in megacities. Development plans will have to accommodate such changes in transportation. For some countries, like Mexico, urban planning is an important tool for reducing inequality. Urban planning in Mexico is seen as an access to a dignified life, an engine for development, and an incentive for development. With housing, climate change, risk reduction, sustainability , and governance policies in mind, urban planning efforts target the improvement of the lives of at least a hundred million slum dwellers.

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[기초영어] 영어회화 10분의기적

[기초영어] 그래머게이트웨이 무료강의
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텝스 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 텝스 풀기 학습
A: Jake, I'm short on money this month. Can you loan me some?
B: I'm sorry, but I can't __________ any cash.
오늘의 실전 텝스 어휘 학습
f 꽃이 핀
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[텝스] 텝스 적중예상특강

[텝스] 텝스 리딩 무료강의
텝스 자유게시판
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토스/오픽 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 토익스피킹 학습
What time do you get up every morning?
오늘의 실전 오픽 학습
You indicated in the survey that you like reading. Tell me about how you first became interested in reading. How old were you and which book has affected you the most?
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[스피킹] 토스 기출유형특강

[스피킹] 오픽 기출유형특강
스피킹&오픽 자유게시판
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공무원 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 공무원 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
  • listless
    1. ① 매력 없는
    2. ② 열의가 없는
    3. ③ 거들먹거리는
    4. ④ 영향을 잘 받는
  • alibi
    1. ① 변명
    2. ② 불화
    3. ③ 조각
    4. ④ 자서전
오늘의 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 문법 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 독해 무료강의
오늘의 공무원 문법 풀기

1. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은?

Solarand wind power are effective as reusable energy sources. However, harnessing tidalpower may be a better option than either of them. Tidal turbines, for instance, are installing onthe sea floor and do not take up valuable land space like solar panels do.Furthermore, wind flow, based on weather patterns, is erratic, while it ismuch easier to predict ocean currents with accuracy.

○① ○② ○③ ○④

2. 우리말을 영어로  옮긴 것은?

그는 한국 전쟁에서 전투하는 동안 천연두에걸렸다.

→ He came down with smallpox while fought in the Korean War.

당신은 이것이 얼마나 걸리던 상관없이내일 이전에 끝내야 합니다.

→ You need to get this done before tomorrow however long it takes.

내 급료의 10퍼센트는 저축 예금으로 모아진다.

Ten percent of my paycheck are set asideinto a savings account.

우리가 강해지는 것은 고난을 견디는 것을통해서이다.

→ It is from suffering hardships through that we gain strength.

○① ○② ○③ ○④
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지텔프 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 지텔프 문법
Susan needed an emergency surgery to remove her appendix. She thought the pain was just a stomachache and went to the hospital too late. The doctors told her that she ______ have visited the hospital as soon as the symptoms appeared.
(A) may
(B) might
(C) must
(D) should
오늘의 지텔프 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
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[지텔프] 지텔프 적중예상특강

[지텔프] 지텔프 유형별 무료강의
지텔프 자유게시판
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