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토익 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 RC문제
The lodge staff asked the guest to store his _______ in the safe to prevent them from getting stolen.
(A) valuables
(B) value
(C) valuably
(D) valuableness
오늘의 실전 LC문제
Would you like me to pick up the ingredients for tonight’s dinner?
(A) No, that’s not one of the ingredients.
(B) This dinner menu looks great.
(C) I think we have everything we need.
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[토익] 토익적중 예상특강

[토익] 토익 리딩 무료강의
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영어·영어회화 무료학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 AP뉴스 받아쓰기
18세 미군, 82년 만에 고향으로 돌아와

제2차 세계대전 이후 70년 넘게 실종자로 분류됐던 미 육군항공대 찰스 파워스 일병의 유해가 최근 캘리포니아로 운구돼 리버사이드 국립묘지에 안장되었습니다. 1941년 12월 하와이 진주만 공습을 시작으로 미국과 전쟁에 돌입한 일본은 필리핀에도 상륙했으며, 일본군의 공세가 거세지자 필리핀 내 미군은 1942년 4월 항복했는데요. 이때 파워스 일병이 일본군의 포로가 된 것으로 전해졌습니다. 그는 수용소에서 사망하여 카바나투안 수용소 내 묘지에 묻혔다가 최근 신원이 확인되면서 82년 만에 고향으로 돌아왔습니다.  

오늘의 영어회화 학습
이 지원자를 고용할지 생각해 봐야 하지 않나요?
Shouldn't you consider hiring this applicant?
오늘의 한 줄 명언
I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there.
오늘의 영자신문 읽기
What Defines a Successful Movie?

The entertainment industry is highly dependent on the support of the viewing public for it to continue thriving. Movie producers and other members of the movie industry always try their best to come up with film ideas, aspire to give life to their concepts, and transform them into a big hit. Success is every filmmaker’s and film producer’s goal. However, movie producers as well as people working inside and outside the entertainment industry have different bases as to what truly defines a film’s success. Some say that a film should be critically acclaimed for it to be considered successful. Others say the income of a movie is the best indicator of its success. Those who judge a film’s success based on the approval and support of critics say that movie critics are reputable film buffs who hold degrees or higher levels of education in cinematography and film studies. Their thoughts about a film are based on theories and years of experiences that are the most credible bases to evaluate a film’s worth. These people add that movies with huge earnings do not necessarily mean they are of high-caliber. Many people watch a film because of the actors and actresses it features or because the film is a movie adaptation of a famous novel. Additionally, many high-quality, critically acclaimed, and award-winning independent films are successful. Despite what may be considered poor performances in the box office, many independent films are celebrated as achievements in filmmaking. On the other hand, those who believe that high earnings define a film’s success say that the profit of the film reflects the support and appreciation it got from the audiences. A film is considered successful once it is called a blockbuster hit. Its gross income declaration and viewer count are more tangible indicators of success as compared to the opinions or reviews of critics. For these people, films are made primarily for the viewing public. They are made to entertain people and are not intended to please critics. Moreover, film production is not only an art but also a numbers game. The more viewers a film manages to engage, the more successful it is. Also, these people say that the reviews of movie critics are often subjective claims that may not necessarily agree with other people’s opinions. Purely basing a film’s success on the reviews of a few movie critics is irrational because critics do not always agree on what they find recommendable or not.

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[기초영어] 영어회화 10분의기적

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텝스 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 텝스 풀기 학습
Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is _____ during October or November by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs alike
오늘의 실전 텝스 어휘 학습
b ~하기로 되어 있다
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[텝스] 텝스 적중예상특강

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토스/오픽 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 토익스피킹 학습
How often do you visit your hometown, and what do you usually do when you’re there?
오늘의 실전 오픽 학습
Can you tell me about something memorable that has happened to you while in a park?
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[스피킹] 토스 기출유형특강

[스피킹] 오픽 기출유형특강
스피킹&오픽 자유게시판
HOT 토스vs오픽, 나에게 맞는 시험은? [172]

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공무원 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 공무원 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
  • decisively
    1. ① 기괴하게
    2. ② 눈이 부셔서
    3. ③ 자웅동체로
    4. ④ 단호하게
  • glorify
    1. ① 단정하다
    2. ② 미화하다
    3. ③ 영향을 끼치다
    4. ④ 수놓다
오늘의 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 문법 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 독해 무료강의
오늘의 공무원 문법 풀기

1. 밑줄 부분 어법상 옳지 않은 것은?

The company may have done well in its first year, but I can’t picture they expanding anytime soon, even with sufficient capital and high product demand. The owners lack the skills and knowledge to operate on a larger scale.

○① ○② ○③ ○④

2. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은?

  시민들 대부분은 세금을 올리려는 시의회의 계획에 반대한다.

Most of the citizens object to the city council’s plan to raise taxes.

그가 조금만 열심히 공부했더라면, 시험을 대비했을 텐데.

If he had studied a little harder, he could be better prepared for the exam. 

많은 소녀들이 꿈속의 남자를 만나길 희망하지만, 이것은 비현실적이다.

Many a girl hopes to meet the man of her dreams, but this is an unrealistic.

우리는 그가 갑자기 일을 그만두는 것에 대해 걱정하지 않을 없었다.

We can’t help worrying he might suddenly quit his job.

○① ○② ○③ ○④
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지텔프 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 지텔프 문법
The International Space Station has been in operation for over three decades. NASA anticipates ______ the spacecraft in 2031, as much of the equipment on board will be completely outdated by then.
(A) to shut down
(B) having shut down
(C) shut down
(D) shutting down
오늘의 지텔프 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
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[지텔프] 지텔프 적중예상특강

[지텔프] 지텔프 유형별 무료강의
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