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토익 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 RC문제
With stock prices fluctuating, it is difficult to _______ clear advice about whether to buy or sell shares.
(A) perform
(B) fulfill
(C) obtain
(D) recall
오늘의 실전 LC문제
When are you going to see the new Spencer Blatt movie that’s now in theaters?
(A) Only at the cinema’s downtown location.
(B) Some night this week, I think.
(C) Actually, it was one of my favorite films.
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[토익] 토익적중 예상특강

[토익] 토익 리딩 무료강의
토익 자유게시판
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영어·영어회화 무료학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 AP뉴스 받아쓰기
애플, MR 헤드셋 공개

애플이 혼합현실(MR) 헤드셋을 공개했습니다. 이 헤드셋은 7년 넘게 개발해 온 것으로, 2014년 애플워치 이후 애플이 9년 만에 내놓은 야심작인데요. 이 헤드셋은 현실과 가상을 왔다 갔다 할 수 있게 하는 스키 고글 형태입니다. 이 헤드셋은 내년 초부터 미국에서 3천 달러 이상에 판매될 예정이며, 이후 다른 나라로 판매를 확장할 계획입니다. 

오늘의 영어회화 학습
바깥의 소음이 전혀 들리지 않아요.
We don't have any noise at all from outside.
오늘의 한 줄 명언
Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.
오늘의 영자신문 읽기
Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Replacing Humans in Jobs

The development of technology has allowed machines and devices to possess artificial intelligence which would allow them to have cognitive functions that are similar to those of the human brain. Such developments bring the likelihood of machines and devices replacing humans in performing specific tasks and working in different trades. It is said that machines and robots can easily substitute humans in performing tasks that are highly repetitive and those that require simple or basic calculations. Some even believe that machines and robots can surpass human abilities in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency. This is especially true since robots are able to process and store information in bulks which is a distinct limitation of human intellect. However, the possibility of having machines with artificial intelligence replace humans has certain shortcomings. For example, IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, already substantiated that machines can take over the jobs of human doctors but it did not exhibit high levels of professionalism. Watson may have been able to make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients yet it cannot perform well in all processes involved in all clinical processes, specifically in disease prevention. A more general drawback is that machines equipped with artificial intelligence do not have metacognition, the ability of humans to acknowledge one’s scope of knowledge. Metacognition is a person’s ability to distinguish things that are already known and those that still need to be learned. A person has the innate desire to learn more about things that are not yet fully understood. Machines do not possess this trait as they only rely on the availability of information stored in their databases. Machines rely on humans to input information. They are not capable of thinking and learning independently. Moreover, metacognition is a skill that human beings develop overtime. Experiences and added learning make a person more capable of practicing cognition and have better decision-making skills. Metacognition may be likened to a car driver who is capable of applying certain principles to make a car work and to make sure that the car works properly. Machines do not have that special ability of being able to decipher which principle will work best in a certain situation. This would be a big hindrance in performing humanly jobs, especially in the field of medicine. Machines or supercomputers that possess artificial intelligence can overpower human abilities that can eventually lead to the replacement of humans in performing jobs. However, there are still limitations that will not allow robots and devices to totally take over all humanly functions. They may be expected to bring new hope to the human race but it is still too early to conclude that they will render humans jobless.

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[기초영어] 영어회화 10분의기적

[기초영어] 그래머게이트웨이 무료강의
영어왕초보 상담방
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텝스 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 텝스 풀기 학습
A: Andrew was too strict with the children. He told them they couldn't go out alone.
B: It's because he's __________ responsible for their safety.
오늘의 실전 텝스 어휘 학습
m 진료 예약을 하다, ~와 만나기로 하다
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[텝스] 텝스 적중예상특강

[텝스] 텝스 리딩 무료강의
텝스 자유게시판
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오늘의 실전 토익스피킹 학습
When and where will the weekend tour begin?
오늘의 실전 오픽 학습
You indicated in the survey that you like reading. Tell me about how you first became interested in reading. How old were you and which book has affected you the most?
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[스피킹] 토스 기출유형특강

[스피킹] 오픽 기출유형특강
스피킹&오픽 자유게시판
HOT 토스vs오픽, 나에게 맞는 시험은? [437]

"내 토익스피킹 점수 미리 예측해서, 단 1회 시험으로 졸업할 방법 없을까?!"

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오늘의 공무원 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
  • mingle with
    1. ① 지금까지
    2. ② 머지않은
    3. ③ ~와 섞다
    4. ④ 시중들다
  • selective
    1. ① ~에 따른
    2. ② 지독한
    3. ③ 선택적인
    4. ④ 다부진
오늘의 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 문법 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 독해 무료강의
오늘의 공무원 문법 풀기

1. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은?

2분기에 매출은 감소된 성장을 보였지만, 이것은 올해 하반기에 개선될 것이다.

Sales have seen a decreased growth in the second quarter, but they would improve later in the year.

그녀의 열이 높게 지속된 며칠이 지나고, 그녀는 회복했다.

After a couple days of her fever running highly, she recovered.

그들의 놀란 반응은 내가 보고 싶었던 바로 그것이었다.

Their surprised reaction was exactly what I had hoped tosee.

우리는 눈보라 내내 우리를 견디게 많은 음식이 집에 있다.

We had plenty of food at home to last us through the snowstorm.

○① ○② ○③ ○④

2. 다음 우리말을 영어로 가장 잘 옮긴 것은?

우리는 계속 그에게 문자를 보내고 있지만, 그는 그것들 중 어느 것도 받았다고 말하지 않았다.

We keep to sendhim text messages, but he hasn’t acknowledged of any of them.

We keepsending him text messages, but he hasn’t acknowledged to any of them.

We keep to sendhim text messages, but he hasn’t acknowledged to any of them.

We keepsending him text messages, but he hasn’t acknowledged any of them.

○① ○② ○③ ○④
공무원 자유게시판
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자유 공무원 0원패스 연장 어떻게 하나요? [3]

공무원0원패스처음듣고있습니다 0원패스연장은 어디에서어떻게하는건가요? ...

지텔프 무료 학습 콘텐츠
오늘의 실전 지텔프 문법
Katie Woolworth narrowly missed getting enough votes to become the mayor of San Francisco. Despite the loss, many political analysts were impressed with her campaign. Because of the encouraging result, she intends ______ again at the next election in four years.
(A) will run
(B) having ran
(C) running
(D) to run
오늘의 지텔프 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
오늘의 무료강의

[지텔프] 지텔프 적중예상특강

[지텔프] 지텔프 유형별 무료강의
지텔프 자유게시판
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